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Aging in Place is on Trend in Ontario

As an organization that has been providing home care services to people in Eastern Ontario for over 125 years, the idea of “aging in place” is nothing new to Carefor. But recently the idea has become more popular with older adults with many of them planning their retirement around living in their homes for as long as possible. In so doing seniors are ensuring that they are surrounded by friends and family, and that their homes can withstand the changes needed to adjust to the needs that come with aging. In this month’s blog, we give tips and useful things to look out for when it comes to aging in place, and a thought as to when it might no longer be the best option.

Decision Time… where do you want to live?

When it comes to deciding where to spend the later years of your life there are many things to consider to ensure you can do so comfortably. With comfort in mind it is important to search for homes located close to public transit, emergency services, and/or close to family or relatives. Keeping the latter in mind, studies have shown that it is important to remain close to those with whom we hold social connections, be it, family members, or other adult friends. While moving closer to children or other supportive relatives may be a priority it may be beneficial to join clubs or visit senior centers to continue to build new relationships if the home you decide to age in is away from your current social circle.

Nest in your home

It’s important to make the adjustments needed to enjoy your home as long as possible. Much like a bird collecting twigs and bits of string, it is important to find and discover the things that will make your home livable as you age. These items may include many things such as

  • The ability to install ramps to enter your home.
  • Widening doorways to increase accessibility.
  • Creating a bedroom/living space on the main floor of your home.
  • Removing area rugs or other unneeded furniture.

While these items are all physical you may want to investigate technological improvements such as updated alarm systems, stair lifts, and elevators as well as inexpensive upgrades such as voice-activated devices that control your home’s climate, make phone calls, and set daily reminders.

With A little Help, Anything is Possible

Sometimes being able age in place requires some help from the outside. Throughout your community are services which can support you in being able to continue to live in your home. In the Ottawa Valley, Carefor offers meal delivery, non-urgent medical transportation and friendly visiting to name a few, which help older people continue to get that extra help should they have no other support.

While for many people aging in place is preferred, for some it’s either no longer an option nor the best one. Some might be unable to ensure their health at home or feel the effects of prolonged isolation. Retirement homes are obviously numerous in every community, but for those who might be continuing to live at home due to the cost of many retirement homes, the two retirement homes Carefor operates in the Ottawa Valley, Carefor Civic Complex and Carefor Mackay Centre are excellent options. Being the most affordable retirement homes in the Ottawa Valley with all-inclusive pricing makes Civic and Mackay excellent options for someone no longer able to age in place.

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