Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023


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Health care in Ontario is changing. Transitioning to integrated care models while operating in a global pandemic demands coordinated and innovative services like never before. We embrace these changes and their outcomes as exciting new opportunities for the future. Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan positions Carefor as a key health system partner and a not-for-profit leader in the home and community care sector.

With this Plan as our guide, we will continue to prioritize our people, update our systems and communications tools, and foster health system partnerships aimed at integrated and improved health care experience for our clients. The results will be a more inclusive, responsive, innovative and collaborative organization that offers person-centred healthcare, now and in the future.

Thank you to all who participated in the development of this strategy. It would not have been possible without your valued contribution.

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Meeting our clients’ health needs for high-quality home care and community support services.

To be recognized as a leader in the development of a fully-integrated healthcare delivery system for our clients.


We respect diversity and equality among our clients, co-workers and volunteers creating an environment that is inclusive.

We collaborate and work well with our partners.

We strive for excellence through education, implementation of best practices, outcomes measurement and evidence-based decision-making.

We go the extra mile in listening to and acting on client and system needs.

We pursue creative, cost-effective and environmentally responsive ways to achieve better results.




Carefor Collaboration
Enhance Organizational Strength and Resilience

Carefor Alliances
Strengthen Strategic Partnerships and Relationships.

Carefor People 
Revitalize People Process.

Carefor Innovation
Invest in Advancing our Technology.

Carefor Brand
Promote the Brand and Increase Awareness.   

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As Carefor continues to grow, we are committed to updating our systems and processes to be leaders in four fields. With this Strategic Plan we are accelerating our evolution taking bold steps to create and implement systems that will improve our ability to deliver high quality, efficient and affordable health care across the Champlain Region. By optimizing our physical space, governance structure, operational processes and tools to support our people, we will achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness with a client-centred focus.


• Improved organization-wide processes and systems.
• Sustained and evolving physical spaces.
• Refreshed governance structure, processes and resources.

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Ontario’s health care system is evolving rapidly and Carefor is positioned to be a leader in Eastern Ontario. Carefor has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality care in
collaboration with partners and stakeholders. Partnerships are becoming increasingly important so we need to leverage our relationships within our community to ensure clients are receiving seamless and innovative care - all this while ensuring we remain a key player in home and community health care in our region.


• Strategic and collaborative partnerships with hospitals and other health system partners.
• Involvement in strategic public and private sector consultations and collaborations

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Carefor is all about people: clients and families, staff and volunteers. We will recruit and retain the best staff and volunteers providing them with the tools and resources they need to achieve positive outcomes with our clients.

We will improve by actively engaging with our people to ensure evidence based practices are in place for safe, professional and high-quality care.


•  Equity, diversity and inclusion are embedded in all we do. 
•  Patient Safety and quality care are prioritized. 
•  Robust systems and metrics support our people and our care. 
•  Client and family partnerships are central to our work. 

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Carefor recognizes that the right tools will help empower our people to do great things. In supporting our mobile workforce, we will enhance communication with our people while tracking and monitoring our services. We will also improve our connection to clients and system stakeholders by creating a common client management system that integrates care coordination and communication with hospitals and other health system partners.


• Common client relationship management system.
• Coordinated, efficient and modernized performance management tools.
• Enhanced internal communications tools and resources.

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Despite providing outstanding care to thousands of clients annually, Carefor is one of the Region’s best-kept secrets. Our reputation alone is not enough to help us achieve our goals. Therefore, with our sights set on enhanced staff and volunteer recruitment, as well as business and fundraising growth, we will focus on increasing our brand awareness across the region by telling stories of the impact that the care and services we provide have on people’s lives.

• Telling the story and impact of Carefor in the community.
• Public relations and media response plan for an evolving environment

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