Sal Shahid

Designation: Director, Information Technology
Location: Carefor

With over 15 years of experience in IT systems and programs, Faisal (Sal) Shahid has developed a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill, which will help Carefor in its digital transformation.  Leading Carefor's Information Technology team, Sal works with the Leadership Team to strategically leverage technology solutions to improve our services and therefore, our client experience.

Through a rich academic and professional background, he has a strong knowledge-base in a dynamic array of areas that deal with Leadership, Team Building, Time Management, Goal-Setting, Self-Motivation, Mindset and Workplace Excellence. Sal specializes in business development, strategic governance and enterprise systems, product and project management, training, financial analysis, help desk support and consumer/business coordination environments.

He applies advanced practices involved in multi-divisional Systems and Data Analytics, Business Functions, Client Management and Portfolio Management, with special attention to creating long-lasting client relationships.

He has been able to combine his professional background with the rapidly evolving Networking, Programming, Stakeholder Operations, Customer Management and Team Relationship Building realms of today where organizational goals are crucial to the advancement of any company.

Sal’s Vision ➤ With an insatiable drive for progress, Sal believes in the golden formula of K.S.E (Knowledge, Strategy and Execution). It is the very bedrock upon which his career has grown over the years. It is this visionary foresight that fuels his devotion towards his aspirations.

In his spare time Sal likes to travel around the world and spend time with his family. He also plays a lot of field sport such as: Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball…

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