Jodie McLeod

Designation: Director, Human Resources
Location: Carefor

Jodie McLeod, is Carefor's Director of Human Resources.

Jodie is a values-based person and by her own words, passionate about “People, Change and Strategy”.  She has had an extensive career in the leadership of HR, Strategy and Business Operations in various organizations. 

Her industry experience ranges from social service, high tech start-up companies, international government military agencies, sole proprietorships and prior to joining Carefor, higher education, where she was the Administrative Director and Chief Administrative Officer of uOttawa’s Faculty of Health Sciences. 

She is a respected people leader, known for her record of accomplishment and success in providing strategic and HR business counsel leading to the implementation of many complex policy and process improvement initiatives. She is well informed and experienced in all areas of HR, and has been involved in all aspects of labour relations.

Inspired by the quote: “Learn as if you were to live forever”, she has an inherent belief that we all have the capability to achieve anything we put our minds to; we are in constant evolution.  With that as her pillar, she is a lifelong learner with post-secondary education and credentials in Social Work, Management, Human Relations, Group Intervention, Lean Six Sigma along with a Masters of Business Administration, Major, Strategic and HR Management as well as being an active HR Professional with the Human Resources Professional Association.

In her free time, Jodie enjoys mentoring other aspiring leaders, spending quality time with her family alongside an active lifestyle, including some of her favorite pastimes, such as group fitness, snowboarding and music festivals. 


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