Ron Gerold

Designation: Director

Ron Gerold has over 30 years of experience as a public servant with the Federal Government.  In his current position as Director of the Industry Engagement Division at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, he is accountable for providing strategic leadership with regard to the coordination and management of industry-led roundtables and committees, facilitating industry strategies for success in domestic and international markets.  This position also includes providing strategic leadership for management in the coordination and formulation of strategic frameworks, policies, and initiatives of industry and government 

Previously as a Policy Advisor at Agriculture and Food, Mr. Gerold also provided strategic and policy advice and analytical support to the Secretary (DM) and Assistant Secretary (ADM),  in the development of the Joint Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation Council Action Plan.  Mr. Gerold has also worked at Agriculture Canada as the Director of Trade Evaluation, Analysis and Director of Horticulture and Special Crops, Policy and Program Coordination Officer, and Executive Assistant to the ADM.  Mr. Gerold started his career, serving as a Sub-Lieutenant in the Canadian Armed Forces for four years before taking Systems Management positions at CCRA Customs and Environment Canada.

Ron is the Chair of the Carefor Fundraising and Allocations Committee as well as serving on the Board of Directors.


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